Having a resident lounge in your apartment building is very beneficial, especially once winter rolls around and outdoor space isn’t utilized on a regular basis. At Aurea Station, our residents have full access to our fully equipped resident lounge that can be utilized for a variety of reasons! Not sure how you can take advantage of the space? Here’s how!

Catch Up on Work

Do you work from home or need to get some work done off hours? Head down to our resident lounge to get a change of scenery and get work done with other like-minded residents. With a kitchen space featuring a microwave and coffee pot, you’ll be able to make a cup of coffee and a quick meal without having to go up to your apartment.

Meet Your Neighbors

When you first move to a new place, meeting new people can be difficult, especially at a large apartment complex. By utilizing the resident lounge at Aurea Station on a regular basis, whether it’s for work or play, you have the ability to meet your neighbors in a neutral area!

Host a Get-Together

Do you want a host a house warming, book club, birthday party, or an impromptu celebration? Our resident lounge is the perfect space! With a fully functioning kitchen, you won’t need to worry about keeping food or beverages cold and there’s enough seating for all of your friends and family members. During the cooler months, turn on the fireplace and turn on the big game on the flat screen TV for a cozy day spent with old friends and new friends.